About Elpriskollen

Elpriskollen is operated by the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Elpriskollen is Sweden's only independent price comparison website for electricity supply contracts and is operated by the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (Ei) authority Link to other website.

Tecknad person vid skrivbord

We offer a digital service for the easy comparison of electricity contracts in order to contribute to aware and active consumers and customers in the energy markets.

The Electricity Act requires all electricity suppliers to report their electricity contracts to Ei. We present all contracts on Elpriskollen to allow you to compare prices and conditions at your convenience in order to choose the electricity contract that suits you best. We have no profit motive and receive no commission on the choices made. Nor can electricity suppliers advertise or buy better exposure on Elpriskollen.

You can also get information about your rights as a natural gas and district heating customer.

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