Tips before you sign or change electricity contracts

Before you sign or change electricity contracts, read our tips.

If this is the first time you are signing an electricity supply contract

If you have recently moved house, you can expect to receive offers and discounts on new electricity contracts. But pay attention that your contract may change over to a much worse contract when the discount period ends.

Compare different electricity contracts before you decide. Pay attention to other conditions in addition to the price, such as tie-in period and period of notice. Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing an electricity contract.

If you do not choose an electricity contract yourself, your electricity utility will refer you to an electricity supplier that will assign you a designated contract. A designated contract is often more expensive, and at Elpriskollen, we always recommend that you choose your own electricity contract.

If you already have an electricity contract and want to change to another electricity supplier

Start by checking your existing contract. If you have time left in a tie-in period, early termination of the contract can be expensive. If you are not about sure which electricity contract you have, contact your electricity supplier.

You can sign a new contract that starts at a later date, such as when your existing contract ends. Bear in mind that most electricity contracts have a period of notice of about one to four weeks. The period of notice is the period of time you must remain in your old contract after you have given notice to cancel it.

Switching electricity suppliers and choosing an electricity contract is easy!

Contact the electricity suppliers you want to switch to. In most cases it is sufficient to contact electricity suppliers via a phone call or via their websites.

When you have signed a new electricity contract, your new electricity supplier will inform your electricity utility of the change. The electricity utility will read your electricity meter. The electricity utility then sends the meter reading to the old and the new electricity supplier. The electricity utility informs your previous electricity supplier that you have changed your electricity contract.

So choose your electricity supplier and change your electricity contract!

What factors affect the price of electricity?

Electricity prices are affected by many factors. The amount of rain and wind, developments in the European energy and electricity markets, and the transmission capacity of the Swedish power system are some examples.

Electricity is a commodity traded on a common European market. Prices are governed by supply and demand, where transmission links within and between European countries are utilised as much as possible in order to meet demand at the lowest possible cost.

European electricity prices rose to very high levels in 2021 and 2022, mainly due to high gas and coal prices. This affected Sweden and the Nordic region through the many interconnections between Sweden, the Nordic region and the rest of Europe.